Jeremy Rutledge-Manager

Jeremy is president of the Oklahoma Local Weightlifting Committee under USA Weightlifting. He is currently the #3 ranked active weightlifter in the state by Sinclair (318 SMM) and holds every state record for masters weightlifting in both the 105 and 105+ classes. He also holds four state powerlifting records in squat, dead lift, bench press, and total through the Natural Athlete Strength Association(NASA). In 2015, Jeremy took 1st at the Iron Thistle Highland Games, C Class, and is currently the #1 ranked Highland Games C Class athlete in the nation. When not competing, he runs weightlifting seminars throughout the mid-west, including Santa Fe, New Mexico; Ruston, Louisiana; and in gyms across Oklahoma from Durant and Elk City to Roth and Edmond. Most recently, Jeremy had the honor to serve as Meet Director for the 2015 National Junior Championships of Weightlifting, the first national weightlifting championship in Oklahoma history. Jeremy’s mission is to increase the popularity and proficiency of Heavy Athletics in Oklahoma and to empower aspiring athletes to reach their full potential.

Qualifications: Oklahoma Weightlifting League (OWL) President, USA Weightlifting Local Weightlifting Committee (LWC) President, USA Weightlifting Sport Performance Coach, CrossFit Olympic Weightlifting Coach, CrossFit Lv. 1 Trainer, Starting Strength Lv. 2 Seminar Completion, AFAA Personal Training, the Care and Prevention of Athletic Injuries, CPR/First Aid.

Highlight Reel: Squat: 615 lbs — Front Squat: 500 lbs — Press: 240 lbs — Snatch: 131 kgs — Clean: 150 kgs — Jerk: 150 kgs

Tyler Poole-Manager

Tyler discovered his love of training in the Navy. While serving as a Naval Special Warfare Boat Operator he attended the Tactical Athlete and Functional Movement Screening courses at Athlete’s Performance in Pensacola, FL. This was his first exposure to athletes at the professional level. After receiving these credentials, Tyler was put in charge of the Tactical Athlete Program for his team, consisting of over 200 Naval Special Warfare Operators. After the Navy, he became a Personal Trainer at Aspen Athletic Club in Oklahoma City and later developed his own mobile training service. Tyler also trained under National, Pan Am and World Games champion weightlifter Bob White at Metro Weightlifting, and soon took on an apprentice role for many of the high school and college athletes there. During this time, Tyler qualified for the Collegiate National Championships in Shreveport, LA. He added CrossFit to his tool box in 2012 and has used a blend of techniques to design programs for athletes of all levels to achieve goals ranging from moderate weight loss and improved fitness to collegiate athletics and real-world tactical challenges such as reaching the summit of Mt. Rainier. Tyler’s attention to detail, versatile programming ability, and broad experience as a trainer from the every day to the extremes of military preparation sets him apart as an asset to Norman Strength and as one of the most sought after strength and conditioning consultants in the region. Tyler is currently finishing his Bachelor’s Degree in Health and Exercise Science at the University of Oklahoma.

Qualifications: Naval Special Warfare Tactical Athlete Instructor, CrossFit Lvl. 1 Trainer, USAW Lvl. 1 Olympic Weightlifting Instructor

PR’s: Back Squat: 370 lbs — Dead Lift: 465 lbs — Bench: 315 lbs — Front Squat: 335 lbs — Snatch: 118kgs/260 lbs — Clean: 143 kgs/315 lbs — Jerk: 145 kgs/320 lbs